Compliance SCREENING Reports

Global Risk Profile offers  screening reports designed to provide a first level due diligence in line with ever-evolving regulations that require extensive third-party risk evaluations.

We offer two types of screening reports covering specific risks:

AC-AML Screenings: Corruption, money laundering, and other white collar crimes (i.e. fraud, terrorism financing)

ESG Screenings: environmental, human rights, and health & safety risks

EDERIS™ Risk Management Platform

EDERIS™ is a unique Risk Management Platform designed to identify and assess third-party risks while complying with stringent regulatory frameworks.

Relying on a risk-based approach comprised of three steps, our Risk Indexes feature at the start by rating third parties based on their exogenous risks.

Our unique compliance software can be easily integrated into your current compliance strategy. It allows you to: 

  • Process, manage and monitor third-parties risks on a large scale
  • Comply with multiple regulations through one single platform