To efficiently assess corruption & ESG risks around the world

In an increasingly complex regulatory environment,  indexes are of paramount importance for effective risk mapping.

We are happy to present complementary indexes specifically aimed for risk management and compliance professionals to facilitate the implementation of relevant policies.


Global Corruption Index

The Global Corruption Index (GCI) is committed to measuring both public and private corruption as well as other white collar crimes, such as money laundering and terrorism financing issues. The Global Corruption Index is based on robust objective and subjective indicators provided by  internationally recognized entities.

Measured at an aggregate level, the Global Corruption Index provides a score, ranking and risk evaluation for as many as 196 countries, offering a compliance solution to current legal frameworks such as the FCPA, the UK Bribery Act and the French law Sapin II.

ESG Index

With its global coverage of 179 countries, the ESG Index (ESGI) (Environmental, Social and Governance Index) is a unique tool for measuring risks concerning the environment, human rights and health & safety.

Based on international references such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), the Global Compact, the 8 ILO fundamental conventions and the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), the ESG Index is a composite measure focusing on socially responsible conducts.
It is also fully in line with the French law on the Corporate Duty of Vigilance  (“Loi relative au devoir de vigilance “).

The corporate world faces an increasing number of local and international laws, imposing thorough Due Diligence verifications. Corruption, fraud and money laundering issues are in the spotlight like never before.

France recently introduced  law No. 2016-1691 concerning transparency & the fight against corruption (known as law Sapin II). The European Union is adopting successive anti-money laundering directives: the 5th AML Directive was released just one year after the 4th Directive’s entry into force. These new rules supplement those already in place such as the UK Bribery Act  and, on a more global level, the Foreign Corrupt Practice Act (FCPA).

In parallel, a new regulatory trend is spreading across Europe: countries such as Sweden, Germany and France are setting up legislations in an effort to prevent major environmental and social violations. Growing concern has led France to pioneer the adoption of the law “Devoir de vigilance des sociétés mères et entreprises donneuses d’ordre” (No. 2017-399) in 2017.

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It is increasingly challenging for companies to efficiently address fraud, corruption & ESG risks arising from third-party relationships while also applying regulatory compliance. Bearing this in mind, we at Global Risk Profile,

experts in compliance services,

have developed two unique indexes, efficient & user-friendly tools that bring together various dimensions to significantly facilitate compliance processes.
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