Introducing EDERIS™:
Your Comprehensive Solution for Proactive Risk Management

The Challenge ...

Large companies face stringent regulatory frameworks that have stiffened over the years. Recent regulations advocate for the implementation of thorough Due Diligence processes on a large scale. Indeed, Due Diligence has become a core requirement in the context of the fight against corruption and money laundering, but not only – it’s also crucial to any sustainable business approach.

Multinational companies are especially affected by these changes. Dealing with incredibly high numbers of third parties, they are facing the challenge of efficiently implementing due diligence processes to meet regulatory requirements.

Our Unique Compliance Solution

Large In response to these concerns we created EDERIS. All-in-one, it puts technology. to work for you to efficiently assess risks related to a high number of third parties in accordance with carious regulations at once.

A risk-based approach developed by Due Diligence specialists:

  • Third parties undergo a 3-steps risk analysis, from identification of exogenous risks (thanks to GRP risk indexes) to semi-automated screenings and Enhanced Due Diligence


Two parallel workflows to simultaneously meet the requirements of two different types of regulations:

  • Corruption, including AML and anti-terrorism regulations
  • ESG regulations


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