Two indexes, Multiple risks

Our indexes are unique tools bringing together various measures to highlight country and industry risks.

The Global Corruption Index (GCI) is comprised of two complementary sub-indexes. Primarily focusing on corruption, its scope has been broadened to include other white collar crimes (fraud, money-laundering, terrorism financing, etc).
The ESG index (ESGI) encompasses three distinct aspects: environment, human rights, and health & safety.

The indexes featured on our website present a default distribution of weighted value per sub-index. With “Customize your Index”, GRP offers the possibility to choose your own emphasis of weights for each sub-index and the indicators within it.

By selecting your weights, your customized index will reflect the important issues specific to your needs. Suitable for every industry, it will adapt to the context and particulars of your company, adding an exclusive value to your compliance processes.

Also available: Indexes by industry

Our website provides risk mapping by country. Upon request, both indexes can be configured to include risks by activity sectors. Risk scores and ratings will then be provided not only by country but also by industry.

If you are interested in creating your own index, don’t hesitate to contact us directly or by using the contact form!

Take Risk Analysis Further

Our indexes are also part of a global project: a unique Case Management System (CMS) Ederis designed for managing third-party risks while complying with stringent regulatory frameworks. For a broader compliance scope, our software features two parallel workflows covering both corruption & AML, as well as ESG oriented regulations.

Ederis offers a progressive analysis of third party risks in three consecutive steps. Our indexes are integral part of the primary step: thanks to them, our system rates third parties based on their exogenous risks right from the start.


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