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The Global Corruption Index offers a comparative overview of the state of corruption and other white collar crimes accross the world. It is meant to help compliance officers meet current legal requirements such as the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), the Bribery Act and the recent French law No. 2016-1691 relative to transparency, the fight against corruption and the modernization of economic life, also referred to as “Sapin II“.

The ESG index is a unique tool encompassing three very different measures: the environment, human rights and health & safety. The ESGI is a tailor-made index for professionals willing to meet their corporate sustainability goals, while also matching the requirements of the most recent and restrictive laws, like the French law on the Corporate Duty of Vigilance (“Devoir de Vigilance”).

Our screening reports are cost effective and quickly delivered first level due diligence reports, incoporating several corporate and compliance databases checks. 2 types are offered: AC/AML (Anti-corruption / Anti-money laundering) and ESG (Environment, Human Rights and Health & Safety). As an innovative product, a screening report offers you clear guidance in your decision-making: thanks to machine-learning and targeted human interventions, risks are categorized and quantified, while false positives are substantially reduced for tangible outcomes. Get to know more about our screening reports and download examples here.
Our Due Diligence reports & investigations offer a complete overview on researched subjects worldwide, including both entities and individuals. Following an in-house developed methodology, our specialists retrieve and thoroughly analyze data from thousands of sources at their disposal.

Key features include:
  • Identification of shareholding structure (including UBO)
  • PEP/ SOE checks
  • Sanctions & regulatory breaches checks
  • Legal Issues (settled, pending or threatened litigation)
  • Media reputation with focus on adverse news
  • Subject’s network identification & checks
  • Detailed Documentation (all information sourced, full research archives available on request)

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Recent regulations advocate for the implementation of thorough Due Diligence processes on a large scale. As an all-in-one tool, EDERIS™ allows you to efficiently assess risks related to a high number of third parties using a progressive risk-based approach, from the identification of exogenous risks (thanks to GRP risk indexes) to (semi-)automated screenings and Enhanced Due Diligence.

Imagined as a risk management ecosystem, the EDERIS™ compliance solution allows you to deal with many aspects of ethics and compliance management throughout the whole third-party relationship. Conceived to adapt to any internal process, EDERIS™ will smoothly integrate and enhance your corporate structure.

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Global Risk Profile is a leading provider of ESG – Environment, Social, Governance – services. Our ESG Reporting incorporates not only ESG standards but also takes into account the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and offers Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) analysis.

Key services:
  • Custom ESG metrics and / or rating of your third parties list using our in-house ESG Indexes
  • Semi-automated screening reports for efficient and quickly delivered ESG reports using the best of AI
  • Enhanced ESG Due Diligence Reports for a thorough risk overview
  • Country Risk Profiles to evaluate the ESG Situation in a chosen country based on analyzed metrics
  • The EDERIS™ ESG license for an effective risk-based approach and enhanced efficiency

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Once notified by e-mail that your screening report is completed, you may log in to the platform and download it from your private “My account” page, tab “My screening request downloads”.

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