Global risk profile

Global risk profile

ESG Ranking: Europe regresses but remains the top performer

Geneva, December 03, 2019 – Global Risk Profile (GRP) releases the second edition of the ESG Index (ESGI), a unique measure of risks related to the environment, human rights and health & safety around the world.

While Europe offers the best regional score (25.6), far ahead of Oceania (40.1), South America (40.5), North America (41.4), Asia (47.1) and Africa (58.1), it is also the only region displaying a decline in its performance and thus negatively impacting the world’s average in 2019.

Ranked 1st in the 2018 edition, Switzerland reaffirms its position as best performer out of 177 countries and territories, followed by Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Iceland.
Although Germany has improved its relative position, rising from the 8th to the 7th rank, its general score has worsened due to a slight decline in the Human Rights sub-index.

France, which recently pioneered the adoption of a binding law focusing on reducing environment, human rights and health & safety violations, remains 17th in rank. The entities concerned by the French law should however prioritize their efforts on third parties operating in jurisdictions with important ESG risks, such as Turkey, ranked 105, and China, ranked 106. Turkey and China are among France’s main trading partners for both imports and exports. With a decrease in their relative positions of respectively 7 and 4 ranks, 2019 results suggest a negative turn to keep an eye on.

The complete 2019 results including interactive data visualization and technical documentation are available on a dedicated website:

About ESGI
The ESG Index (ESGI) measures issues related to three key areas: the environment (30%), Human Rights (50%) and Health & Safety (20%). Based on a set of 45 variables, the ESGI’s second edition offers a risk score on a 0-100 range, where 0 represents the lowest risk and 100 the highest risk. A rank and a risk evaluation are also provided for each jurisdiction.

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