Country Risks at a glance

Our new project consists in producing risk profiles by country to highlight their main characteristics and trends in terms of exposure to:

  • corruption and other white collar crime risks (money laundering, terrorist financing, etc.)
  • risks related to the environment, human rights and human health & safety (more broadly known as ESG risks)

These country profiles are mainly designed based on the figures produced by our two risk indexes – the Global Corruption Index (GCI) and the ESG Index (ESGI).

Discover below our standard country risk profiles for Madagascar, Italy, Nigeria, Qatar, Pakistan, India and France.

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Our country risk profiles are designed to serve as professional tools with concrete benefit for compliance and risk management officers as well as provide useful information for civil servants.

Standard country risk profiles will be progressively released and published on this page (scroll down for more). Extended country risk profiles are also delivered upon request for EUR 890. An example of an extended profile is available below for download. 

Country Risk Profile - Madagascar

Country Risk Profile - Italy

Country Risk Profile - Nigeria

Country Risk Profile - Qatar

Country Risk Profile - Pakistan

Country Risk Profile - India

Country Risk Profile - France

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